Products Brands

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Adjuvants Precision Labs
Aerators Planet Air, Ryan, Maredo
Blowers Buffalo, Little Wonder
Brushes T.I.P. Inc., Sweep-N-Fill
Colorants Precision Labs
Core Collectors Turf Pride
Edgers Echo, Brown/Trenchmaster, Red Max
Fertilizers Par-Ex/Lebanon, Griggs Bros., Green Spec, Precision Labs
Fans Triangle engineering
Fungicide Civitas, Syngenta
Grass Seed Various Blends
Golf Course Accessories Standard, Par Aide
Hose reels Reel craft
Mowers Baroness, Eastman, Walker, Trimax, SCAG, Encore
Pesticides Syngenta, Dow, Bayer, PBI Gordon
Rollers AgriMetal
Safety Supplies Elvex, Compliance Safety
Sand Trap Liner IVI golf DK
Sod Cutters Ryan, Groundsman
Soil Amendments Turface, Profile, Griggs Bros.
Spill Remediation Product Nviro Clean
Spreaders Buffalo, Spyker, Gandy, Vicon, Lely
Sprayers Broyhill, Echo, Wheel Spray
Trailers Taylor-Pittsburgh
Vehicles Utility Broyhill, Vantage, Hammerhead
Verticutters Graden, Maredo
Water Nozzles Kochek Co
Wetting Agents Precision Labs

Eastern Turf Equipment, INC.
1045 Bragg Boulevard
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301
(910) 483-0179

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